Climate in Cayo Coco

Our kiting spot is an ideal place for kiting. During daytime the temperature is, generally, 25 to 30°C. Water temperature ranges from 24 to 28°C.

Typical winds are side or on-shore from North and North-East, normally ranging within 6-15 m/s, which is plenty for effective learning. There might be quite periods lasting no more than 3 to 7 days and winds are usually stronger during winter months

Wind and climate statistics in detail:

MonthOctober November December January February March April May
Wind speed more than 6-8 m / s (11-16 knots) in%80%85%82%80%78%87%86%83%
Average water temperature28.7°C26°C26°C25.3°C25.2°C25.5°C26.5°C27.5°C
Average air temperature during the day30,1°C27.8°C27°C25.7°C26.1°C26.4°C27.8°C29.0°C
Days with short rains93221225

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