Generally we advise our students to stay in the TRYP CAYO COCO hotel, which is situated right beside our school and allows a magnificent view to the ocean. It is a 4 to 5 stars hotel of the Spanish SolMelia chain.

The hotel has a huge territory of 15 hectares with own beach, rivers, bridges, over-the-water restaurants and whirlpool hot baths. Golf lovers will find it to their liking: there is a big golf course right on the spot. Clients are offered 3 meals daily, with abundance of seafood such as octopus, shrimps, lobsters, fish, as well as jamon and a variety of cheeses. Spanish wine and a choice of cocktails will gratify the tastes of most exquisite feasters.

There are good activities organizers at the hotel. Live music, concerts, discos are also plenty. One can find daily child-care facilities, tennis courts, sauna, gym, etc. there. The security system ensures the safety of the hotel’s guests.

Iberostar Mojito 4* and Colonial Cayo Coco 4* hotels

Two other options are IberostarMojito 4* and Colonial CayoCoco 4*. They offer accommodation at lower prices, but both are about a kilometer away from the school. The most affordable are small lodges located some 3 kilometers away from the school.

Iberostar Mojito 4*

Colonial Cayo Coco 4*

Cayo Coco island

There is no local population on the island of Cayo Coco, only tourists and staff. No such things as private sector or camping sites.

Entrance to the island is controlled by a checkpoint – where all incomers have to provide a proof of hotel reservation or an accommodation voucher.

One can stay at the nearby city of Moron, which is about 60 kilometers away from the island, but that requires renting a car or taking a taxi every day.